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Volunteer Opportunities

Private attorneys who wish to help residents in our communities in need of legal help are always welcome.

Current Opportunities

Assist with Cases:

Our attorneys work hard to meet the legal needs of our clients.  With ten counties and limited resources, we rely on help from private attorneys.

The Private Attorney Involvement (PAI) Program is a rewarding way to help people in need.

For a flat rate per case (see fee schedule below), our PAI and Pro Bono Manager will work with you and assign cases when we need help.

Volunteer at Legal Clinics

We collaborate with the local Bar Associations to plan Pop-Up legal clinics to serve different areas in our counties.  Volunteers can give presentations about civil legal topics or they can help give general legal advice to attendees who are in need of help.

Fee Schedule for PAI Program Attorneys:

It's a rewarding experience.

If you're interested in helping to provide equal access to justice, sign up to volunteer.

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