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Our mission is to provide civil justice to vulnerable people in need of legal help. Our services empower our clients by keeping families protected, homes secured, and finances stabilized.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging at Summit Legal Aid

At Summit Legal Aid, we recognize and promote the collective and individual benefits of diverse and inclusive staff, partners, and collaborators. 

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Our Legal Services

We believe that every person, regardless of financial ability, should have fair representation in court. The outcome of any case should not be determined by the ability to afford an attorney.

We've stood by countless people in our communities defending their rights in court.

It should not be hard, stressful or costly for:

  • Victims of abuse to be free of their abusers 
  • Parents to protect their rights in custody battles
  • Individuals to hold banks, landlords or employers accountable to their respective laws

We have attorneys and paralegals in each of our seven offices, and the cumulative experience of our attorneys is well over 200 years. All of our staff are dedicated to getting the best results for your situation. Our roster of attorneys includes specialists in Protection from Abuse (PFA), Housing and Economic legal services.

Summit Legal Aid offers legal advice and representation to help people who are: 

  • Looking for work and need barriers cleared;
  • Trying to rebuild their credit after falling into debt; 
  • Attempting to restore their mortgage; 
  • Victimized by abuse or discrimination; and 
  • Protecting their children.

Here's some of our work from just the 2022/2023 fiscal year alone:

  • We handled 5,580 legal matters
  • 56% of these were to assist those seeking protection from abuse or to protect the rights of parents in family or juvenile court
  • We advised or represented in over 1,570 housing cases for renters facing evictions, unlivable conditions or other challenges and other housing law matters.
  • In economic matters, we helped:
    • 127 people remove criminal records that were serving as barriers to employment
    • 353 people seeking disability assistance
    • 123 people with insurmountable debt
    • 95 people with IRS debts or disputes
  • Our Fair Housing Law Center received almost 600 complaints, resulting in 96 discrimination complaints either filed with HUD or in court, or resolved out of court

It is our duty to ensure that the rights of our clients are protected and everyone has a voice in the courtroom.  You aren’t alone and you don’t have to face these challenging circumstances by yourself.
We are here for you.

Our Partners



Brian Gorman, Executive Director

Brian Gorman has been the Director since 2015.  Brian was previously a staff attorney, a public defender, and in private practice.  He has served on the Drug Treatment Court team and on various boards, including the Drug and Alcohol Commission, LeMoyne Community Center, and Harmony Life Center. He is a graduate of Washington and Jefferson College the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

Shelley Walker, Finance Director

Shelley Walker has been Finance Director since January 2020.  Shelley was a nonprofit Director of Finance for over six years, and she has held positions in accounting, real estate, and tax collection throughout her career.

Jaime Milligan, Deputy Director

Jaime Milligan has, since 2009, served as Staff Attorney, Project Manager of our Fair Housing Law Center, Director of Housing Services, and now Deputy Director.  A graduate of Bucknell University and the University of Baltimore School of Law, she has developed our Fair Housing program into its current, successful model, and she supervises law student interns, along with program staff.

Rachel Clark, Deputy Director

Rachel Clark has held positions of Staff Attorney, Senior Staff Attorney, and now Deputy Director, since 2013, after two years of private practice.  Among other management responsibilities, Rachel oversees our Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic and IOLTA Special Projects.  Rachel is an alumnus of the University of Pittsburgh and Widener University School of Law.

Todd Yeager, Compliance Director

Todd Yeager joined legal aid in 1998 as a legal assistant and paralegal and has been Compliance Director for the last ten years.  A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and Duquesne University’s paralegal program, Todd has also supervised intake staff and program technology, including our case management system, since 2006.

Kim Tarbell, Communications Director & Finance Specialist

Kim Tarbell has made a variety of significant program contributions and now serves as Communications Director, along with Finance Specialist.   Since Kim joined in January 2017, she has directed office operations, developed communications, and managed finances, recognized by the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network with its Excellence Award for a non-attorney advocate.


Depending on the issue, we can give you advice, represent you in court or help you fill out complicated legal paperwork. And if you qualify, our legal services will be free to you.

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