Homeless Education
& Legal Services

A Special Program to Prevent Homelessness

Summit Legal Aid is devoted to prevent homelessness in our communities.  Under Project HEALS, we are focusing on two groups of people in our ten counties who are in need of our help:

  • Residents aged 60 years and older, or
  • Residents who have a criminal record


Legal Matters Addressed in this Project

If you have a legal issue about any of the following example topics and you are in one of the groups mentioned above, we may be able to help you.

  • Landlord/tenant issues
    • You are in danger of being evicted
  • Public and subsidized housing
    • You have been denied public housing due to a criminal record
  • Mortgage foreclosures
    • You have received a foreclosure notice on your home
  • Predatory lending
    • You have been deceived or manipulated by creditors or brokers who fraudulently convinced you to sign for mortgage loans that you couldn't afford
  • Homeownership
    • You have been denied a mortgage loan due to a criminal record

Income Limits for this Project

Summit Legal Aid serves low-income residents in our 10-County region whose household incomes fall within approved percentages of federal poverty guidelines. 

To determine whether you are eligible for our services under this project, please contact our intake hotline at 800-846-0871.


Informational Flyers for Download:

Know your Rights: Leases

Know your Rights: Security Deposits

Know Your Rights: Rental Repairs

Know your Rights: Utilities


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